Walk A Mile In My Shoes – Part 3

Best practices are methods or techniques that consistently produce superior results or outcomes.  Best practices evolve over time as better – new and/or improved – methods or techniques are identified through experience which includes “trial and error” and the practical application of “lessons learned”. 

 Without a doubt, it is wise to study the best practices of successful organizations (both public and private).  Certainly, sponsors and businesses can learn by studying the processes, procedures, and systems used by successful organizations and adopting (or adapting – for the situation and/or circumstances) the best practices identified.  By implementing best practices, sponsors and businesses can leverage and build on the success of others.  This is a continuous process – as best practices are fluid and dynamic.

Please click the following link to read the full article in the third quarter Aviation Business Journal (ABJ):

Please click the following link to read the full article in the second quarter Aviation Business Journal (ABJ): http://www.nxtbook.com/ygsreprints/NATA/g35339_nata_3rdqtr2013/. The first installment of this 3-part series on doing business with airport sponsors appeared in the first quarter ABJ and the second installment appeared in the second quarter ABJ. To visit the ABJ issue archive, click the following link: http://www.nata.aero/Aviation-Business-Journal/ABJ-Past-Editions.aspx.

To visit or return to NATA’s website: www.nata.aero. Follow NATA at www.twitter.com/nataaero or Like Us at www.facebook.com/nataaero.

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