Walk a Mile in His Shoes – Aviation Business Journal Article Series

We have all heard the saying: Walk a mile in his shoes. Many of us have used it to help our children understand that different people view things differently. How does that apply to aviation businesses though? A new three-part article series appearing in the first quarter’s Aviation Business Journal (ABJ) explores this issue.

Paul Meyers, the Principle in Charge at Aviation Management Consulting Group, Inc. an NATA member company, wrote Walk a Mile in my Shoes – the Art and Science of Doing Business with Airport Sponsors. In this three-part series, Paul explores the airport management/airport tenant relationship from the perspective of each of the parties with the aim of creating a better understanding of the concerns and values faced by all involved.

The first article in the series, now available in NATA’s Aviation Business Journal, takes a look at the airport sponsor perspective, exploring the many rules and regulations that an airport sponsor must adhere to when negotiating lease agreement.

In the second and third quarter edition of Aviation Business Journal, the series will continue with a look at the airport tenant business perspective and a review of best practices for negotiations between airport sponsors and airport businesses.

A special thanks to Paul and the entire team at Aviation Management Consulting Group for their work on this project.

The first quarter ABJ is available online right now and print copies should arrive at your location in the next few days. Be sure to take a few minutes and read Walk a Mile in my Shoes.

Click here for the digital version of NATA’s Aviation Business Journal.

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