What does snow have to do with spring?

As I sit and write this morning, snow is falling over the Washington, DC metropolitan area, snarling traffic and generally making everyone’s Friday morning difficult (except for the kids who don’t have to go to school!). Of course, sitting here in my warm office as a member of the staff here at NATA I find it hard to complain. It was just a few years ago that on a morning like this I was out on the ramp at the airport pulling aircraft out of their hangar or clearing snow off a fuel truck. It was back during those times that I got my first introduction to NATA and the Safety 1st training seminars. My employer sent me to the NATA Line Service Supervisor Training (LSST) in Chicago. The first seminar marked the moment my job became a career; the opportunity to talk with other attendees and meet with industry experts broadened my horizon beyond just the FBO and airport where I worked.

Now, we are coming up on one of my favorite events of the year, our NATA Safety 1st Spring Training Week in Las Vegas, NV. NATA Safety 1st Spring Training Week is Safety 1st’s premier training event, combining the LSST Seminar with the Safety 1st Trainer Seminar, Environmental Compliance Seminar and FBO Success Seminar. I love this event because of the opportunity it provides to interact with line service supervisors, general managers, training coordinators and compliance specialists from aviation facilities around the country. The discussions that occur during the seminars and even between sessions never fail to teach me something I did not know about our industry. Of particular interest to me this year are our Environmental Compliance Seminar and the FBO Success Seminar.

The Environmental Compliance Seminar, led by industry environmental compliance expert George Gamble of 2G Environmental, will give supervisors, managers and owners of aviation facilities the basics they need to know to comply with existing environmental regulations. George provides a solid understanding of what your company needs to do to comply with regulations such as Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC), Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, underground storage tank and universal waste. Most aviation facility managers spend a lot of time working to make their businesses successful. George and the Environmental Compliance Seminar will help you make sure that environmental compliance does not become an obstacle to that success.

One of the great things about NATA Safety 1st Spring Training Week is the wide variety of learning opportunities it provides. Take the FBO Success Seminar for example. Taught by John Enticknap of Aviation Business Strategies and Ron Jackson of the Jackson Group, this seminar provides tips and techniques for maximizing profits and reducing expenses, building productivity and improving your company’s bottom line. John and Ron’s coaching technique creates lively discussions that lead to a better understanding of the management practices that will help your business be successful.

While I mention those two seminars in particular, our LSST and Safety 1st Trainer seminars, as always, provide the foundation for productive and safe line service operations. I firmly believe in the value that NATA Safety 1st Spring Training Week can provide to your company and employees because I have experienced it firsthand.

I look forward to seeing you March 11-14 in Las Vegas for NATA Safety 1st Spring Training Week and I promise, no snow!

For more information, or to register, please visit NATA 2013 Safety 1st Spring Training Week webpage.

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