It Does Matter!

I suspect my career in aviation started the same way thousands of other FBO employees began theirs, by watching the NATA Safety 1st PLST VHS videos. As I worked my way through the units on safety, refueling and towing, I was excited to get to work and spend some time on the ramp; I recognized the value of knowledge I was receiving. This week, the FAA recognized the value of the time and effort aviation businesses such as yours put toward training your employees.

In a final rule published on Wednesday, the FAA Office of Airports withdrew a proposed regulation that would have required all Part 139 certificated airports to provide safety training to anyone accessing non-movement areas of the airport. Under this proposed regulation, airports would be responsible for providing safety training to all FBO, airline and maintenance employees prior to allowing those employees to access ramp areas. The FAA cited its reason for withdrawing this proposal as the fact that airlines and ground service support facilities already provide this training! When the FAA first proposed this regulation in 2011, NATA asked that the agency accept programs such as Safety 1st as equivalent to airport-provided safety training. This final rule goes a step further as the agency recognized that the efforts of business in providing safety training to their employees negated the need for regulation.

Training does matter! It matters to your bottom line, to your employees’ and customers’ safety and it matters to the FAA. NATA is very proud of our Safety 1st program. We have provided safety training to over 16,000 students since the PLST went online in 2008 and just this month the FAA has approved our Supervisory Online Training to meet the requirements of 14 CFR 139.321 (supervisory fire safety training).

The FAA has recognized the value of safety training, and we are proud to provide that training to our members and the industry because quality safety training does matter!

Submitted by: Michael France, NATA

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