New Online Flight Crew Briefing Procedure for Teterboro

Before your pilots fly into Teterboro, they need to review the updated Teterboro Flight Crew Briefing that reviews vital safety information about flying into and out of Teterboro at  

Recently, the Runway 19 Dalton Departure was changed and pilots should review the Teterboro briefing again for the latest updates. Experts at Teterboro have identified crucial safety issues about the Runway 19 Dalton Departure since Teterboro departures fly directly below, and in close proximity to, heavy jet aircraft descending on final approach to land at Newark. Additionally, past incident data related to this procedure disclosed that pilots on occasion have exceeded the facility’s 1,300 foot altitude restriction and have violated Class B airspace.

In addition to the Teterboro briefing, NATA Safety 1st also offers a Flight Crew Briefing for Newark Liberty International .

Flight Crew Briefings are customized online training tools that give pilots and other flight crew members flying into and out of an airport access to critical safety information about the airport, including its location, layout, operations, regulations, and safety and security procedures. The Briefing allows pilots to hear advice and guidance from airport management, based pilots, and other flight crew members who are familiar with an airport.

A Flight Crew Briefing takes approximately 20 minutes to complete depending on the pilot’s familiarity with the airport. The informational training includes four main topic areas pertaining to safety, security, noise abatement and ATC procedures specific to the airport. The safety briefing consists of an airport safety overview, runway incursion hot spot review, surface area movement problems and recommended practices for the airport. The security section includes an airport security program overview, identification requirements, escort procedures/vehicle access procedures and overnight securing of aircraft requirements. The noise abatement briefing covers the city/town/local rules and regulations, noise abatement procedures and airport updates. And finally, the Air Traffic Control (ATC) segment covers an overview of ATC procedures, departures and VFR operations applicable to the airport.

Visit or return to NATA site:

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