Are We There Yet?

Those of us who have ever been brave enough to drive a long distance with children in the car have undoubtedly heard the question “Are we there yet?” uttered over and over again. A child asking that question is usually just tired and bored with being in the car. As adults, we occasionally find ourselves asking the same question on long flights or in seemingly never-ending meetings (though we usually don’t shout it out repetitively). As business owners or managers, we may even sometimes feel that way about the future of our businesses. We know where we want to go but not always how to get there or how long it will take. There is a tool, however, that can help chart the path that our businesses need to take to reach the envisioned destination. That tool is the Strategic Business Plan.

The future of any business is dependent upon the values, mission and vision of its owners and operators. The Strategic Business Plan is a tool that not only assists in defining those essential qualities but also sets forth a plan for moving the business toward those future objectives. The strategic business planning process involves developing a systematic approach for making decisions that will guide the future of your business.

NATA is pleased to present, as part of its E-Learn webinar series, a webinar on The Strategic Business Planning process. This webinar will be held on Tuesday, November 16, at 1:00 PM (EST) and will feature Paul Meyers and Jeff Kohlman, both founding principles of Aviation Management Consulting Group (AMCG). AMCG provides a full range of aviation management consulting services, including strategic business planning, to fixed base operators, specialized aviation businesses, airport owners and operators, governmental entities and professional organizations. This webinar will be free of charge to NATA members.

Asking over and over again “Are we there yet?” will not move your business closer to its long-term goals. Solid planning and execution of a strategic business plan will. I encourage all aviation business owners and managers not to miss out on this webinar. To learn more or to register, visit or click here.

NATA E-Learn Webinar:

The Strategic Business Plan – A Critical Tool for Developing, Operating, Managing, and Marketing an Aviation Business

Tuesday, November 16, 1:00 PM (EST) – Free of Charge for NATA Members

Register Now!

Submitted by Michael France

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