Helping Aircraft Managers Cope With Re-Registration

Before too long the FAA will begin sending out the first batch of postcards informing aircraft owners of the need to re-register their aircraft.  The first aircraft that will go through this process are those that were first registered in March of any year.  The owners in that group will need to jump through the required hoops between November 2010 and January 2011 if they want to ensure receipt of the new registration prior to its expiration on March 31, 2011.  (To review more information on the registration/renewal rules, see NATA’s Regulatory Report.)

Shortly after the FAA published the re-registration requirements, NATA was presented with an opportunity to partner with AIC Title Service and offer a new service to the industry.  NATA has now launched this new program which will help aviation businesses manage the re-registration and renewal process, now and for years to come.  The NATA/AIC program will be of particular benefit to those businesses with fleets that consist largely of managed aircraft and/or leasebacks.

These businesses will be able to, with the owner’s permission, assume responsibility for completing registrations.  There are several benefits to using the NATA/AIC Website portal to manage the registrations, but this is probably the biggest one for NATA members with air charter operations or flight schools.  It allows you to be proactive and ensure that not only is the registration done within the two-month window, but that the registration certificate is delivered to your business (or the aircraft’s primary location), rather than you having to nag the owner to get it to you before the existing certificate expires.  By using the NATA/AIC service you can offer your aircraft owners laissez fare re-registration (and future renewals) and reinforce that you are providing exactly the type of expertise and professionalism they expect.  All the while, you are taking charge to ensure none of your fleet get caught without a current registration.

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Submitted by: Jacqueline Rosser, NATA Director of Regulatory Affairs

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